ann dinan

Ann Dinan

Ann has experienced a synchronistic life, ultimately devoted to personal and organizational transformation. As Founder and President of the Deeper Leadership Institute and the Deeper Leadership Institute for Peace, Ann collaborates with Nobel Laureates, organizational leaders, community leaders, academicians and individuals committed to experiencing a peaceful and prosperous world.

Ann began her career living and working overseas (Hong Kong) as the Marketing Manager for the Pacific region for a US-based magazine. Her ultimate goal was to become an intercultural trainer in order to assist business people and their families make a smooth adjustment overseas and to learn about the entering culture. After 5 years overseas, she moved back to Washington DC to work in her dream area of intercultural training with the BCIU, Business Council for International Understanding as an independent consultant/intercultural trainer. She then went on to work with the NTL (National Training Laboratories), which set the foundation for her academic education as well as career in organizational development.

Upon completing her Master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University and then a Doctorate degree from Washington University in St. Louis, she entered the world of academia. Through her administrative posts, she discovered the world of coaching and created a coaching program for students at her university. She then went on to work with corporate clients and quickly realized that coaching was about personal leadership and personal leadership was the foundation of organizational leadership. Through this work she met many who influenced her path and ultimately while working with Whole Foods Academy for Conscious Leadership, she realized that the bedrock of conscious capitalism for her was peace leadership. At this time she also was the Head of North American Operations for the Globally Responsible Leadership Institute, a quasi UN organization. Through this opportunity she was able to spend personal time with former President of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari. She will be forever grateful for his pearls of wisdom regarding peace leadership.

Ann’s synchronistic life and work in South Africa brought her to the concept of Ubuntu, which is the foundation of her peace leadership model. After a trip to India, she was able to see the connection between Ubuntu and many of the tenets that Indian sages speak of regarding peace.

Ann works with clients in the areas of culture diagnosis and transformation; leadership development; organizational development and behavior; and executive coaching.

Ann is an ICF certified executive coach, Leadership Circle Profile practitioner, Polarities practitioner, certified yoga teacher and Ayurvedic specialist.

Ann has presented at domestic and international conferences and her work has been published in books and journals.