laurie cure

Laurie Cure

Laurie is the president and CEO of Innovative Connections, Inc., a consulting company working with individuals and organizations to expand capacity and improve organizational effectiveness. She holds a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration.

With a commitment to organizational success through the releasing of human potential, she assists organizations with strategic planning, organizational assessment, team development, change management, restructuring, leadership development, coaching, talent management and culture development.

Laurie has over 20 years’ experience helping organizations on their journey towards excellence. Focusing on execution through leadership and people, Laurie merges elements of strategy, organizational culture, change management, and leadership development to ensure sustainable results. Her most recent book, “Leading Without Fear: The Fine Line between Fear and Accountability” has been recognized as a resource for guiding leaders and teams to success by promoting healthy leadership behaviors.

Laurie teaches at the university level and also delivers seminars and lectures on topics of organizational psychology and personal development. She has been recognized as an expert on the topic of fear in the workplace and seeks to support organizations in building cultures of trust and support. She is published in the topics of fear in the workplace, emotional intelligence, and organizational development/strategy and coaching.

Laurie brings a unique ability to manage relationships and establish trust, thereby supporting results. Her strengths include a diversity of expertise, a high level of capacity for people and work, and boundless energy. As an executive coach, she is committed to personal development and supports others on their journey towards growth. She lives in Colorado with her husband of 25 years and their 22 year old son and 20 year old daughter.