jennifer herold

Jennifer Herold

Jennifer is the founder of Vaughan Herold, a professional coaching and leadership development practice based in Dallas, Texas.  Her emphasis is on the transformation of individuals and teams, with an attention to self-awareness and awareness of others.  Jennifer works with clients to meet them wherever they are in their journey and provide them with a window in which to look beyond the barriers they encounter.  Through challenging mental models to unlocking options and opportunities for growth she works with clients to institute sustainable change.

Jennifer started her professional career in marketing, working with various size organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies such as AutoTrader, BlueLinx and Kodak.  In those roles, she has been successful in driving strategic change while building relationships both inside and outside the company. From large-scale branding campaigns to facilitating industry-leading training and education initiatives, Jennifer worked closely with executive leadership to create awareness, engagement and adoption. She is a natural communicator and has a native ability to connect with those she works with.

After almost 15 years in the corporate environment, Jennifer made the leap to follow her calling as an executive coach.  She is certified through Integral Coaching Canada and the International Coaching Federation.   She is also a skilled facilitator of the 16pf Questionnaire, a highly predictive personality inventory assessment.

Jennifer holds her degree in Telecommunication, Film and Communication from the University of Alabama, where she was also a member of the women’s basketball team.  The experience of competing at the collegiate level has provided her a strong foundation of leadership, teamwork, hard work and commitment that has transferred throughout her professional career. 

Jennifer lives in Dallas with her husband and best friend, Dale; and they have two children, Drew and Haley. They share a love of learning, personal growth and service to others and strive to go through life asking the question, “What does love require of me?”

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