susan taylor

Susan Taylor

Susan has devoted much of her life to exploring the deeper dimensions of human potential. As co-founder and Managing Director of Generon International, Susan collaborates with leaders and organizations to create more effective, advanced, conscious contributions to business and society.

Susan has spent over two decades of her professional career partnered with Generon to help leaders fulfill the deeper purpose of their organizations; build coherence; create value for all stakeholders; and foster business environments that support people to learn, grow and thrive – all while delivering extraordinary financial performance.

Dividing her time in two capacities, as Managing Director, Susan leads Generon’s operations, giving strategic guidance and direction to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives. Externally, Susan acts as engagement manager, executive coach and group facilitator for Generon’s clients, working with them in the areas of cultural assessment, leadership development, teambuilding, organizational development and transformation.

Susan is a certified group facilitator through Interaction Associates and a certified coach through CTA and is ICF certified. Her expertise in Dialogue and executive coaching are routinely applied as executives shift their worldview and stage of development.

Susan holds degrees in Business and Marketing and is an accredited Psychotherapist. She is also certified in Qigong, Nature Awareness, and breathing meditation. Aligning with her values to foster human potential through the cultivation of compassion and collaboration, Susan teaches executives the practice of mindfulness and self-management as part of Generon’s executive development programs.

Susan has two daughters, Carolanne (23) and Erin (20) and resides in Hilton Head Island, SC.