Is Conversation Doomed?

In our high-speed, inter-connected world, we have adapted our lives to the “Internet of Things”. Our computers, pads and those small electronic gadgets we hold in our hand interact in real time with more and more connected things. Your phone connects to an app. That app connects to a social platform. That social platform connects… Continue Reading

Bubbles in Basel

  I am visiting the city of Basel, Switzerland this weekend.  Joseph and I arrived early Saturday morning after an 8+ hour flight out of Atlanta the prior evening.  The flight was uneventful — which is always good.  After my in-flight meal was served and cleared, I settled into slumber, awaking only when the wheels… Continue Reading

The Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship

Bringing the Yin to the Yang of Business From our government to corporate America – small companies to big business — most industries promote diversity and inclusion – especially in the case of women.  Yet research shows that varying degrees of gender bias still exists. It’s a hot topic these days.  Stories of women’s successes… Continue Reading

The U-Process Explored: What Really Happens at the “Bottom of the U”?

Journey With Me Deep Into The U-Process Those defining moments when you have a feeling of heightened attention.  Time slows down.  The environment becomes palpable.  You possess high coherence.  And there is a deeper level of “inner knowing” than you’ve ever had before.   We all experience this phenomenon from time to time.  The sensation… Continue Reading

The Power of Time to Reflect

The Birth of the Trillion Dollar Idea Many of you may have heard of Jack Kilby, the inventor of the integrated circuit (better known as the semi-conductor chip) sometimes called the “chip that changed the world.”  It created change, it is said, comparable to the Industrial Revolution by enabling the computer revolution and the Digital… Continue Reading

A Look At Nature And Business

Integrating Nature and Business is an ROI Natural “The future will belong to the nature-smart — those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real.”  ∞ Richard Louv. Nature and Business are a natural fit.                                                                                 … Continue Reading

A Culture of Candor: The Wei-Chi of Conversation

People are longing for trustworthy leaders.   Leaders who are passionate with a depth and consistency of commitment to achieve their vision.  Leaders who are wise and thoughtful; and through continuous learning reflect upon and grow from their mistakes.  Leaders who are generous with their time, money, praise and support.  Leaders who are courageous and… Continue Reading