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The U-Process Explored: What Really Happens at the “Bottom of the U”?

direction with the u-process

Journey With Me Deep Into The U-Process

Those defining moments when you have a feeling of heightened attention.  Time slows down.  The environment becomes palpable.  You possess high coherence.  And there is a deeper level of “inner knowing” than you’ve ever had before.  

We all experience this phenomenon from time to time.  The sensation is rich — the qualities profound – and descriptive of what happens at the bottom of the U. Continue Reading

Off The Shelf Innovation – Jugaad On The Rise

Western Innovation often brings to mind endless brainstorming sessions or shadowy figures toiling away late at night behind blackened windows located in small suburban garages. The innovation zeitgeist we are led to believe is churning deep within our corporations and within geeky brilliant entrepreneurs hoping to create the next big thing. But what if the… Continue Reading

Innovation Living in Obscurity

Often an innovative idea spends most of its time in the shadows of obscurity being tended to by its creator but never touched or gazed upon by the rest of the world.  Writers are one such group, they pound the keys daily for hours knowing full well that their innovative ideas are more likely to… Continue Reading

Is Innovation Really Dead?

Innovation is one subject that I can read about for hours without hitting the fabled wall of boredom. It seems everyone has an opinion about just what Innovation is all about and how we should go about implementing it, both in our personal and professional lives. Recently I came across a blog post with a… Continue Reading