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Dialogue as a Mindfulness Practice

sometimes mindfulness practice is french fries

Some Days, You Just Need French Fries

About 15 years ago, I was picking up my youngest daughter from the Montessori School; she was three years old.  As she climbed into the back of the car, and I was strapping her into the toddler seat, I could sense that she was upset.  I asked her about her day to which she responded, “Mommy, can we please stop on the way home and get some French fries?”  I asked her if that was something that would help her to feel better and she said, “Yes; because Mommy…some days, you just need French fries.” Continue Reading

The Power of Time to Reflect

The Birth of the Trillion Dollar Idea Many of you may have heard of Jack Kilby, the inventor of the integrated circuit (better known as the semi-conductor chip) sometimes called the “chip that changed the world.”  It created change, it is said, comparable to the Industrial Revolution by enabling the computer revolution and the Digital… Continue Reading