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Synchronicity in Business

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Become Curious, Become Inquisitive

You’ve been thinking about a dear friend or colleague for the last 3 days. On the third evening, the phone rings. You answer; and the person calling is the very person who has been on your mind and heart.

You walk into a bookstore to browse with no intention of making a purchase. As you peruse the shelves, you notice one book that is out of place, sticking out over the edge of the shelf as if it’s about to fall to the floor. As you start to push the book back into alignment with the others, you read the title and it intrigues you. You pull the book off the shelf; in reading its description, the subject of the book resonates so you decide to purchase the book. The next morning, you walk into the office of the CEO with whom you are interviewing. As you shake hands and sit down to begin the meeting, you notice the exact same book on the corner of his desk. Continue Reading