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The Starting Point of Everything

power of intention

The Power of Intention

This past weekend, I was chatting with my friend and business partner, Jacky Voncken. She was preparing a design block for a workshop she is delivering to the younger generation of a large organization in the Netherlands.

Having viewed the Elements videos on Generon’s website, Jacky asked me, “Which 3-minute video would you recommend for these youngsters?” Without hesitation, I answered, The Power of Intention. Jacky asked me why? I shared with her that our “youngsters” live in a faster world – a VUCA world. For me, intention allows for a moment of mindfulness – a pause in a chaotic world where one can align and commit to what one is doing and why one is here – crating one’s destiny vs. being “automatic.” Intention accesses a deeper place in people. If people were to be more mindful of their intentions, how would their lives be changed? How would they lead differently? How does the conscious choice of being intentional and the power that brings to an individual impact one’s life and the lives of others? Continue Reading

Personal Work Shapes The Group Success

Personal Work Moves A Facilitator Beyond Illusion “The success of any intervention is completely dependent upon the          interior condition of the intervenor”        William O’Brien, Former CEO, Hanover Insurance   My former partner, friend and colleague, William (Bill) O’Brien (deceased), was notorious for his quote about the “interior condition of the intervenor”.  As Bill… Continue Reading

What is a Generative Interview?

Many efforts to effect change in a system begin with conversations amongst people who have a stake in that system. Yet such interactions often fail to penetrate to the depth necessary to release latent forces for change.   At the heart of all of Generon’s processes is something we call the Generative Interview.   But… Continue Reading