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Off The Shelf Innovation – Jugaad On The Rise

Western Innovation often brings to mind endless brainstorming sessions or shadowy figures toiling away late at night behind blackened windows located in small suburban garages. The innovation zeitgeist we are led to believe is churning deep within our corporations and within geeky brilliant entrepreneurs hoping to create the next big thing. But what if the innovation zeitgeist we’re told about is really just hanging on by some imagined thread, what if the west has lost its way in the quest to innovate.

If innovation in Western countries is in danger of falling off the map it may be because so much of the energy and resources are directed toward the fabled “next bug thing.” Maybe the allure of the reward has obliterated the process of innovation, leaving it but a tattered shell of its former glory. Of course the reward at the end of the rainbow is not the problem, no I think it is that the ingenuity and the process of invention occurring before the reward have been discarded from their once prominent place in the world of innovation. Continue Reading