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Always Evolving
And Adapting

To The Accelerating
Volatility And Complexity

Of The Business






Always Evolving And Adapting
To The Accelerating
Volatility And Complexity
Of The Business Environment

It is our conviction that in this new business environment – where nothing is permanent, where any approach or any product can be dislodged by something newer – companies must be able to continuously shape and create new futures to thrive.

  The central issue for institutions today:
What are we collectively able to create?

 Generon focuses on the most subtle territory of leadership: How an institution can continuously shape its destiny. We focus on enabling groups to forecast and continuously discover the emerging possibilities required to create the future it intends.

This is the domain of the highly successful entrepreneur. It is marked by practical wisdom, risk-it-all commitment, extraordinary foresight and the capacity to create usable new knowledge unique to the particular business. The quality and delivery of the information is quite unlike the informational processing experience of normal awareness. In normal awareness, the contents of the mind are updated incrementally, as moment-to-moment sequences of sensory experience unfold. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, receives new knowledge with an immediate total sense of the thing as a whole; often with absolute certainty, experienced as beyond question or doubt; accompanied by the emotions of excitement and optimism.

This quality of performance is available to an individual, group or institution. There are specific prerequisites required to gain this quality of performance. These prerequisites comprise a particular personal orientation; a particular set of capacities; and a view of how the world actually works:

  1. The capacity to precisely observe and fully comprehend the current reality the group is facing. We cannot change anything unless we accept it as it actually is.
  2. The capacity to hold an internal image of the way the world actually operates – a world that is deeply interconnected and full of meaning; a world that is insubstantial, continuously changing, evolving and unfolding; and one that is full of infinite potential, infinite possibility. Further – and this is critical – an acknowledgment that each member of the group can play an important part in that unfolding future; that in fact, playing a part in that unfolding is an essential element of what it means to be human.
  3. Finally the capacity to make a new kind of commitment: instead of engaging in ceaseless activity, exercising the ability to reflect and wait – wait until you know just what to do. And then act instantly – swiftly and in flow.

Embracing this personal orientation creates a subtle level of causality well known to successful entrepreneurs, scientists and explorers – new discoveries are made; new relationships form; and new possibilities open.

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