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This is Generon International

Helping our clients foster human potential among all stakeholders, by uniquely defining, building and co-creating sustainable cultures that matter.

All Hands In
Hiking Friends

We Value Culture.

Generon is an international consulting firm specializing in

four distinct areas of practice:

Bohmian Dialogue

Source Enabled Leadership

Building Cultures that Matter

Cultivating Purpose-driven, Values-based Mindsets

White Sands

Culture is our CORE focus

Over to you:

What do you believe are the key components of business culture? What does it take for company culture to be successful?

You have a seat at our table. All ideas are welcome!

What people have to say about culture:

Culture within a company can be likened to a diverse and satisfying seven-course meal. Just as individual preferences vary when it comes to food, not everyone will resonate with every aspect of the company culture. But, a well-rounded culture strives to offer something for everyone, serving diverse perspective, ensuring each team member finds something that aligns with their values.

D. Taylor, Boston, USA

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