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There is a well-known phenomenon: in the midst of a crisis, groups of people operate with an extraordinary capacity to accomplish things they ordinarily cannot do. This same phenomenon occurs regularly in sports settings – like in the last two minutes of a championship game when everything is on the line. Athletes know this capacity as being “in the zone.”

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Based upon 30 years of research and experience, working with some of the world’s most renowned scientists and business leaders, Generon has developed an approach whereby organizations and teams can learn to operate in this extraordinary fashion, as a single intelligence.

The U-Process was first developed by Generon in 1998. It is an innovation process, a theory and a set of practices for creating unprecedented relationships, networks and innovation within and across the worlds of business, government and civil society.

The U-Process takes what has previously been an individual, tacit, intuitive and largely unrepeatable practice and embodies it in a methodology that can be used collectively and consciously to open up new possibilities. When used to bring together teams in an organization, the U-Process creates shared action-learning opportunities within which diverse groups become capable of team learning – and operating as a single intelligence. This allows them to share what each of them knows (both openly and tacitly), so that together they can see an insightful snapshot of the whole system and where they might usefully intervene within it. The resulting “system insight” enables effective individual and collective leadership that transcends boundaries within which most leaders usually operate. From this place of greater clarity and connection, the team is able to address the firm’s most complex challenges.

Generon is an international consulting firm specializing in Organizational Renewal™. We work at an individual and collective level within and across institutions and organizations of every size and scale. Over the course of our firm’s existence, we have worked with companies in every sector spanning the globe.

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