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craig daniels

Craig Daniels

When younger I thought spontaneous ideas were key to aligning creativity and innovation.But as I got a bit older and started spending time within the layers of experience I found spontaneity and experience run side by side on the same rails. I found these two ways of approaching marketing, innovation and creativity offer deeper insight than generating energy on their own.

Often small organizations miss the importance of their own experience when embarking on a journey of organizational renewal or marketing. It's easy to take on the mindset of a crow and chase after shinny objects while ignoring the strengths and history your business brings to the table.

Embracing open dialogue and generosity for both your employees and your customers will help crack and dissolve the walls that keep your company from reaching the next level. Experience and Spontaneity are key to being part of a creative and innovative future.

I see small business as best being served by a marketing strategy based on simplicity and creativity. A quote about radical knowledge from Joseph Jaworski sums it up quite nicely.

“If you are looking for change,
something that really makes a difference, then
you have to discover new knowledge,
radically new knowledge.”

Specialties: Content Marketing, Writing, Fundraising, Political Campaigns and Small Business Creation

Craig's heart is in Vermont but he currently lives in New Hampshire.

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