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Joseph Jaworski has devoted much of his life to exploring the deeper dimensions of transformational leadership. As founder and Chairman of both Generon International and the Global Leadership Initiative, Joseph advises CEOs and senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in the design and execution of large scale organizational change as well as strategy formation and implementation. He is a pioneer and prominent thought leader in the discipline of 'Strategic Foresight', enabling leaders to deepen their capacity for tactical and strategic insight.


Joseph began his professional career as an attorney at Bracewell, a prominent international law firm, where he was a senior partner and a member of the executive committee. In 1975, he was elected as a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, an honor awarded to the top 1% of American litigators. In addition, he ran a successful horse-breeding operation (Circle J Enterprises) and helped found several businesses including a life insurance company and an oil refining company.


In 1980, Joseph founded the American Leadership Forum, a non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening collaborative civic leadership in the United States. Ten years later, he joined the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies in London to head Shell’s renowned team of scenario planners. Under his leadership, the Shell team made a fundamental shift in the way the company framed and used scenarios as a tool for strategy formation. Joseph encouraged the company to use scenarios not merely to adapt to different possible futures, but to generate—to participate in bringing forth—better futures.


Joseph returned to the U.S. as a senior fellow and member of the Board of Governors of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, later co-founding the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL). Jaworski is the author of the critically acclaimed international best-seller, Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (2nd Edition released June 6, 2011). He is also co-author of Presence: An Exploration of Profound Change in People, Organizations, and Society (Doubleday/SoL, 2005), which explores the collaborative development of a new theory of profound innovation and change.


Joseph's most recent book, Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation, was published in January 2012. That book describes the development of the process of Generative Discovery, which enables organizations, teams and individuals to access the source from which truly profound innovation and discovery flow.


Jaworski currently resides in Austin, Texas.

susan taylor

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor is a transformational coach and consultant who has worked with some of the most renowned thought leaders in the domains of emotional, spiritual and leadership
intelligence for 25+ years. She helps her clients to fulfill their deeper purpose, fostering creative and inspiring business environments that support people to learn, grow and thrive while delivering extraordinary results.

As CEO of Generon International, co-founded with Joseph Jaworski, Susan works with C-level leaders and teams from organizations of all sizes. She serves in a coaching
and facilitative capacity, leading off-sites, workshops, trainings and wilderness retreats, as well as deep 1-on-1 work.

What sets Susan apart from others — and underpins all of her work — is her deep passion for and expertise in Dialogue. Bohmian Dialogue enables people with diverse
perspectives to examine topics that are important to them in an atmosphere in which all parties feel safe and respected, no matter how great their differences or points of view.

Susan has devoted much of her life to exploring the deeper dimensions of human potential. She is a certified group facilitator through Interaction Associates and an
ICF-certified coach through CTA. As a contributor to Forbes, Susan writes on topics based in human consciousness, and she serves on the Board of the Conscious Leadership Guild.

Susan has two daughters, Carolanne and Erin, and she resides on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with her life partner, Christopher Walsh.


Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor is the Executive Assistant for Generon International, dedicating her talents to ensuring efficiency, collaboration, and time management for the Generon team. At the helm of company logistics, Erin helps Generon International offer high-level service to its clients and partners.

Erin is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Coastal Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. During her time at Coastal Carolina, Erin also concentrated on Public Relations, as well as a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Interested in what fuels human nature, Erin aims to deeply connect with anyone she meets. Her passion for understanding, whether it be the details behind a project or the story behind a person, leads Erin to invest in the mission and work of our firm.

Erin lives in Los Angeles, California with her partner, Josh Salvo, and their cat, Maeve.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 11.52.16 AM

Hidde van der Pol

Hidde van der Pol has devoted much of his career focusing on challenging organizations and individuals to reconnect with their true selves to create clarity and higher consciousness in their personal and professional lives. His purpose is to replace outdated ways of thinking with a purpose driven, enlightened approach to everyday behaviors and long-term goals. His compassionate attitude combined with his encouragement of critical thinking leaves his clients prepared and inspired to take control of their destiny to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. His facilitations and guidance help clients to unwrap the gift of judgments and negativity and transform them into authentic power and creativity.

Hidde is a certified facilitator at the Foundation for Natural Leadership; he also holds certifications and expertise in Cultural Transition Tools (Richard Barrett Values Centre); Systemic Dynamics in Organizations (Bert Hellinger Institute) and Extra Communicative Skills and Energy Reading (van Benthem Institute). Hidde is also an ICF certified executive coach by the MMS Worldwide Institute.
Hidde has two sons, Boet & Sem and resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, running and spending time in Nature.

craig daniels

Craig Daniels

When younger, I thought spontaneous ideas were key to aligning creativity and innovation. But as I grew older and started spending time within the layers of experience I found spontaneity and experience run side by side, coupled between parallel rails.

Awareness of this connection existing between the fiery spontaneity of thought and the wisdom of experience is often lacking in our need to embrace the next shiny distraction. This ignoring of awareness often leads to huge mistakes and lost opportunities.

Approaching marketing and creativity by combining spontaneous ideas and deep experience offers insights far more robust than singularly traveling each path alone.

Often small organizations miss the importance of their own experience when embarking on a journey of organizational renewal or marketing. It's easy to take on the mindset of a crow and chase after shinny objects while ignoring the strengths and history your business brings to the table.

Embracing open dialogue and generosity for both your employees and your customers will help crack and dissolve the walls that keep your company from reaching the next level. Experience and Spontaneity are key to being part of a creative and innovative future.

I see small business as best being served by a marketing strategy based on simplicity and creativity. A quote about radical knowledge from Joseph Jaworski sums it up quite nicely.

“If you are looking for change, something that really makes a difference, then you have to discover new knowledge, radically new knowledge.”

Small Business has nothing to fear from embracing Creativity...

jacky vonchen

For the last decade, Jacky Voncken continues to enjoy her professional career as an experienced leadership expert, strategic advisor, facilitator and executive coach.

Her passionate drive is to draw out the collective brilliance in people, leadership teams and business, serving a higher collectively shared purpose. In this capacity, Jacky partners with clients nationally and globally (DSM, KONE, larger and smaller businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations).

Through her leadership expertise, Jacky strives to facilitate a profound shift towards agile and resilient leadership comfortable with the new reality of disruption and constant change. She does this by collectively creating value through high performance and high engagement within the spirit of open-minded, courageous Dialogue techniques that naturally and strongly connect with self, the environment, strategy and shared purpose.

In 2013, Jacky left the long-term employment of a leading global training & consultancy firm in behavioral change and founded her own company, Jacky Voncken Global Leadership Performance, in addition to becoming a Senior Associate with Generon International.

Prior to the decade of her leadership training experience, Jacky drew her expertise from a 10+ year professional business career in the aviation world respectively as an international aviation consultant, leader of the communications department of Schiphol Airport, and Corporate Secretary to the Board of Schiphol Group.

Fuelled by an infinite curiosity about the interconnectedness of nature, life and people, Jacky finds delight in exploring human consciousness -- how personal belief systems shape people’s behaviors, worldviews, and ability to transform from within.

Jacky holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Master degree in Communication Sciences (University of Amsterdam), and specializes in intercultural awareness and diversity and inclusion, which she often integrates into her leadership programs for multinationals.

In addition, Jacky is an experienced “horse whisperer “(natural horsemanship by Monty Roberts). Upon request, she blends this dynamic experiential biofeedback workshop – ‘Leadership Awareness Empowered by Horses’ -- into her clients’ leadership programs.

Jacky currently resides in the countryside of the Netherlands close to the dunes and the North Sea. After having worked and lived in New York City and South Africa for a number of years, she considers herself to be a global citizen in heart and spirit.

Jacky’s main values lay in joy, freedom and benevolence embedded in a mindset of growth, abundance, sharing and collaboration. Her facilitation style is appreciated as being energetic; interactive; giving; practical; emphatically tough; deep-diving; clear in feedback and reflections; and profound in providing transformational learning insights and experiences.

Jacky Voncken

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