joy menyhert

Joy Menyhert

Joy has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, both in Canada and the United States. Her expertise lies in detailed and high-level service operations, employee relations and communication. As a senior executive with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, she oversaw complete luxury hotel operations in seven major cities, managing the executive committees to ensure operational standards were consistently met through extensive training and employee review. As Hotel Manager, she developed and oversaw the implementation of programs to improve the physical property as well as guest interactions, all toward the goal of making the guest experience the best in the hospitality industry. Joy worked closely with Human Resources, focusing on programs and systems to achieve and maintain high employee morale, the keystone in the success of Four Seasons and other luxury hotels.

In 2003, Joy started her own consulting firm where she was able to assist clients in increasing their customer service standards through detailed observation and genuine and honest feedback. Her clients included hotels throughout North and Central America. With her strong organizational and communication skills, Joy expanded into the realm of logistics in the construction and renovation of major hotel projects in the United States, China and Morocco.

Joy is originally from Montreal, Canada and currently resides in Austin, Texas.