Surfing in a VUCA World

Susan’s recent blog about the “VUCA World” we’re living in really struck home for me. Ever since we learned about that term in the interview in Houston, we’ve had occasion to use it as a quick way to focus on what’s most immediate to our clients: how to operate most successfully in this business environment.

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Conscious Leadership is Knocking On Doors

  I have been traveling for the past two weeks – first to Austin, Texas where Generon had a presence at the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit and then to Houston to conduct some Generative Interviews for one of our clients. Each October, Conscious Capitalism hosts its CEO Summit. Invited participants are revolutionary CEOs committed to…

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Conscious Capitalism

  The month of April brings with it signs of Spring – warmer weather, brighter days – trees and flowers beginning to bud – ducks flying overhead. And on this first day in May, my thoughts can’t help but be drawn to renewal.   Just as Winter awakens to Spring, organizations must awaken to the…

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