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The month of April brings with it signs of Spring – warmer weather, brighter days – trees and flowers beginning to bud – ducks flying overhead. And on this first day in May, my thoughts can’t help but be drawn to renewal.


Just as Winter awakens to Spring, organizations must awaken to the potential of Conscious Capitalism and the value it brings to all stakeholders. Joseph and I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Conscious Capitalism Summit (CC2014) in San Diego last month with a focus on building fully human organizations. It was there where we led a Practicum on Renewing Organizations, sharing our experience and insights about the advantages of bringing purpose and consciousness into business.


Who Are We & What is Our Work?

The Conscious Capitalism movement challenges business leaders to rethink why their organizations exist. The premise is that business is inherently good and noble because business creates value and can elevate our existence. When an organization operates with higher purpose beyond profits and creates value for all, performance is elevated and the entire system flourishes.


I’ve always thought about business as an extension of who we are as individuals; so the notion that we can create business systems that allow people to thrive and flourish has always resonated. In this connection, I came away from CC2014 both enthusiastic and inspired. I felt motivated by the keynotes and invigorated by those with whom I had the opportunity to meet and talk. I was struck and excited to be in one place with nearly 500 people who hold a similar worldview to mine. At the same time, I was curious. Why should companies embrace ideas like Organizational Renewal or Conscious Capitalism?


Reflecting on this same question myself, four words keep coming to mind: It’s about the people.


Companies who make the commitment to continuously renew and ground themselves in a higher purpose – companies that put purpose and core values at the center of every business decision – companies that take accountability for the growth and development of their people are the companies that create the conditions to enable the renewal of human potential. The organization becomes a place of learning, growth and development. Work becomes a place of meaning where people feel valued and acknowledged. The entire system becomes a place of wholeness, connection, excellence and significance which expands in a way that gives back to the community and the planet – in essence, making the world a better place.


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