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Dialogue: Based on the philosophy of David Bohm, Dialogue is a freely flowing group conversation in which participants with diverse perspectives work to reach a common understanding, experiencing everyone's point of view fully, equally and non-judgmentally, no matter how great their differences or points of view. This has proven to lead to new and deeper understandings, resulting in profound transformations.


Dialogue is the art of thinking together, creates something new and breaks down self-imposed boundaries. It’s a commitment to bring out the best in others through authentic conversation. Dialogue is appreciative and calls forth a new future through the flow of meaning in relationship. It is a state of Being.

Observe - Listen - Suspend - Connect - Discover - Create


Dialogue helps to break down self-imposed boundaries, discover root causes and move beyond habitual frames of thought in order to create fundamentally different results and lasting change.

Listen first to understand instead of formulating your response… Completely suspend your own world view of the issue being discussed and listen to understand deeply what the other person is saying. Ask yourself: 'have I heard what's been said, is it truly my moment to speak and is what I will share in service to the group as a whole?'

  1. Listen to fully understand

  2. Slow the cadence / embrace silence

  3. Suspend judgement / opinion

  4. Before I speak, ask:

    • Is it my turn to speak?​​

    • Have I heard what’s been said?

    • Is what I will share in service to the group?


Contact us to co-create an opportunity to work together.

“We have both enlarged our views of each other’s goals and begun to develop practical projects to collaboratively achieve those goals. Our newly formed team internationally cultivates cross-sector leadership, and these leadership capacities benefit our organizations.”
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