People tell Sue things - often things they’ve never told anyone before. She’s an incredible listener. And she asks exceptional questions. She cares deeply about people, and is endlessly curious about why people are the way they are. 


Sue has a rare gift for spotting people’s dysfunctional patterns, hidden limits and blind spots. Working together with the angels, she is able to dissolve those issues quickly and easily. 


For more than a decade, Sue has been doing her unique Angel Coaching work around-the-world with entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as other coaches, healers and soul-preneurs. The angels always guide Sue to share practical tools and processes — unique ones for each client. As Associate of Generon International and CEO and Founder of Easier Way, Inc., it is abundantly clear that she is passionate about business as a force for good.


Sue graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University, resides in Aliso Viejo, California, and loves, Loves, LOVES… savoring great conversations paired with food and wine.


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