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Creativity Expands Business

Creativity gives your business a huge advantage over your competition by propelling innovation forward and while this may sound like hyperbole, I want to assure you it’s not. Just creating an intention of embracing creativity gives you a step up, you see, most businesses give creativity lip service or totally ignore it altogether.

You’re Either Creative or You’re Not

This is one of those myths that can stop business growth in its tracks. If you see creativity as a set of tools that allows people to connect different ideas together to create or innovate something out of the box, or to produce something different than what your competitors are doing than yes, creativity can be nourished in individuals and management teams. This is especially easy to notice in a team setting where you start with a group of individuals all going is their own direction but after you embed a process like Generative Dialogue the group starts to produce on a deeply collaborative basis.

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Edwin Land Click To Tweet

Empowering your teams and employees on the Creativity Expands Business road may best be implemented doing something as simple as going on field trips.Yes I just wrote “field trips.”  Create groups of 5 or 6 employees and send them out to a destination for a half or even a full day once a month. The destination on the Creativity Expands Business road might be a number of places such as museums, hiking trails, carnivals, a soup kitchen to volunteer at, a race track, or a myriad of other out of the ordinary places or events. Make sure they have their cell phones and each takes lots of pictures or short videos, maybe one person can be designated to be the narrator and create audio interviews during the journey.

What’s the point of all this? The point is to engage your employees in growing the company by giving them opportunities to come up with new ideas and directions the company might go in. The more you value what they think the more they will think, and the more you send them out to search for inspiration the more they will be inspired. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happens when your employees become more inspired, but I will. The more your employees and management travels on the creativity expands business road the stronger and more flexible their creative chops will become.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” Kurt Vonnegut Click To Tweet


Headline for 10 Ways Creativity Expands Business

10 Ways Creativity Expands Business

Both the words creativity and innovation can send shudders up the spine of many business owners, but in today's hyper competitive business environment ignoring creativity puts your management team at a huge disadvantage.

The difference now as opposed to just a decade ago is that resources to jump start a culture of creativity and innovation in your organization are available for just about any size business. The internet has opened up a wealth of online courses and information to ease your transition into a more vibrant and agile company.

Make this your new company slogan, 'Think Like A Start-Up Get Creative"...


Creativity Requires A Culture That Respects Effort And Failure

As business continues to drive positive change in the world, creativity is an increasingly essential part of organizational success. Encouraging creativity is a vital function of good leadership in any organization. Recent trends affirm the need and desire for creativity in the workplace. More and more, creativity is becoming part of job descriptions.

Richard Branson on the Importance of Creative Thinking

Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly shares his business experience and advice with readers. Ask him a question and your query might be the inspiration for a future column. Q: Do you feel that your personal traits and behaviors play a key part in your continuing success as an entrepreneur?

Why Is Creativity Important In Business

Why is creativity important in business? The opposite of creativity is stagnation in which new ideas and more efficient ways of working are not encouraged. This is one of the factors that can turn a previously successful organization into one that falls behind and is overtaken by more forward-thinking competitor.

The Importance of Creativity in Business

NYU-Stern professor Kim Corfman on the importance of creativity in business and the role of culture in spurring or constraining creativity. Creativity is important for organizations. Period. It's a simple correlation: higher creativity leads to greater innovation within the organization and thus, greater success over the long run.

Why Creativity Is The Most Important Quality You Have

Preston Waters in Strategy Creativity is something that many look beyond and don't even think of as something of importance in the world of business, or in the nature of the success you build for yourself. Creativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with, yet many never allow their true creativity to be expressed.

Why Creativity Matters Most for Entrepreneurs

What is the most important quality of an entrepreneur? Many would argue it is passion -- an overwhelming love of what one is doing, and the drive and determination to see one's dreams realized. Others might say leadership -- the ability to bring a team of people together and guide them toward a common goal.

4 Things Leaders Get Wrong About Creativity

Natalie Nixon is determined to bring more creativity to business. But that's an uphill battle--especially considering that most business leaders don't really know what creativity is, she says. Nixon, the director of the strategic design MBA program at Philadelphia University, visited the Inc.

The Rise Of Creativity As A Key Quality In Modern Leadership

By David Slocum To speak of a creative leader, or manager, is for some a paradox: creativity is chaotic and unrestrained while leadership is orderly and controlling, and setting the two together makes for an uneasy, potentially volatile combination. It was not always thus. A century ago, as businessmen entered the 20th [...]

Learn To Solve Any Business Challenge Using Creativity

There is no need, no service, no asset, no skill imaginable that cannot be accessed through creativity. Thinking outside the box and getting creative in finding solutions to business "challenges" can be vital for small and mid-sized businesses. Common frustrations that entrepreneurs face such as staffing, equipment, services, marketing, etc.

Creativity and the Role of the Leader

The Idea in Brief In today's innovation-driven economy, understanding how to generate great ideas is an urgent managerial priority. And that calls for major doses of creativity. But many leaders assume creativity is too elusive and intangible to be managed. It's true that you can't manage creativity.

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