Upcoming EVENTS:

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NEW! Join Susan and co-facilitator, Hidde van der Pol, in their course, An Introduction to Dialogue, coming February 3, 2022!


→ Join to define Dialogue as David Bohm envisioned, apply Dialogue's key principles and shift to inspired action!


→ Submit your application for the course now!


On June 21 - WATCH - guest presenters Susan Taylor and Hidde van der Pol, will be sharing “Dialogue Creates”, with a global audience assembled during World Unity Week 2021.



→ Join Susan and co-facilitator, Sue Elliot, in their online course, Navigating Uncertainty: Masterfully Surf The Waves of Change.



→ Program currently in progress . To be placed on the waiting list, please email Erin at etaylor@generoninternational.com


→ Visit Susan and co-facilitator, Hidde van der Pol, on their joint site, Dialogue Creates, to learn more about their joint ventures!