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The U-Process

The U-Process: When faced with seemingly intractable problems (crisis or stagnation), we need to respond in a deeper, more thoughtful way - one that sets the stage for the true insight to emerge new realities. In these cases, nothing short of a regeneration will successfully resolve the situation. The U-Process offers an understanding of what regeneration means and how to get there.



  1. Observe, Observe, Observe: (Transform Perception)

  2. Access Deeper Knowing: (Transform Self)

  3. Act in an Instant: (Transform Action)



  1. Preparing

  2. Redirecting

  3. Letting Go

  4. Letting Come

  5. Crystalizing

  6. Prototyping

  7. Trusting & Verifying


In order to create the conditions for regeneration to happen, the U-Process outlines three “phases” that involve the creation of specific environments in support of particular types of learning. To move through these phases, we must develop and utilize seven “capacities.”


Observe - Become one with the situation

Retreat - Go to the Source of deeper knowing

Act - Act swiftly from the deeper knowing

We look forward to co-creating an opportunity to work together.

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“These past two years, we couldn’t make a wrong decision. It was effortless. The U-Process is real powerful stuff!”
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