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Innovation Living in Obscurity

Often an innovative idea spends most of its time in the shadows of obscurity being tended to by its creator but never touched or gazed upon by the rest of the world.  Writers are one such group, they pound the keys daily for hours knowing full well that their innovative ideas are more likely to be lost to a hard drive crash then to be smiled upon by people who might appreciate a new way of solving a problem, a turn of a story or the building something yet to be imagined.

Occasionally a third party will step forward to create something braced with innovation that pushes forward the work from a whole group of creators. At the moment I’m talking about Copenhagen Metro and their innovative new installation featuring work from Danish writers, poets and graphic artists made available in booklet form to the public free of charge

The Copenhagen Metro project is part of the Subway Letteratura project located in Milan Italy. Check out their website for more info along with the website for the Metro project. Innovation rests in many shadows just waiting for someone to shine the light, then it can blossom.

Below is the list of the first group who’s work has been made available to the public, you can also download these booklets online from the Metro Literature website HERE    And congratulations to the 13 artists who where chosen, illuminate your innovation.


Maria Krogh Iversen, Vinoth Paramasamy, Mette Norrie, Anna Hook, Philip Tafdrup, Louise Rose Green, Birgitte Krogh Bendix;

Louise Vangsted, Nitesh Singh Parwana, Bo Nøddeskov, Anne Iversen, Kristian Vessø Jensen, Amalie Hassing, Mikkel Krebs Behnke, Emma Elizabeth Kjær Nielsen, Nanna Færgemann, Victor Boy Lindholm, Zelal Önder, Nicholas Jungblut Knutsson, Eskil Juul Elling, Ida Emilie Hansen Morten Carlsen;

Ethem Erdogan.

The project is a collaboration between the publisher Subway Letteratura and the Copenhagen Metro and has the dual objective of providing reading material of high quality for Metro passengers and simultaneously promoting the new literary talents. Jonas T. Bengtsson, member of the jury, says it is “a really exciting project, a new way to get young or new literature on – I can even remember how hard it was when I debuted, and knows how difficult it is for new writers to get the opportunity to be read. “

Thanks to Guerrilla Innovation for the original post on this project and for the image above.

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