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Is Innovation Really Dead?

Innovation is one subject that I can read about for hours without hitting the fabled wall of boredom. It seems everyone has an opinion about just what Innovation is all about and how we should go about implementing it, both in our personal and professional lives. Recently I came across a blog post with a title that succeeded in stopping me long enough for my finger to click on the link leading to Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation.

Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation written by Rob May on his blog Coconut Headsets succeeds both in entertaining and in shaping your thinking processes around the question itself. Is Innovation Really Dead? At first it seems like a silly question but May manages to create a real look into the question

The post ends with the following paragraph, it’s my hope you will find it engaging enough to follow the link and go read it. 

So how can we revive innovation? Well, I think that since innovation put us in this position, it’s the best thing to get us out. I think we will see innovation that restores the serendipity to our intellectual lives, and breaks the stranglehold that power laws, social networks, and popularity have over our neural inputs. I don’t know when this will happen, so in the meantime, if you want to be more innovative, take some time to unplug from the world of power laws and plug in to something random, something old, something no one else is reading or watching or hearing. Vary your inputs, and maybe you will be the one to have that new output that restarts our innovations.


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Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation

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