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Jacky Voncken is a leadership expert, strategic advisor, facilitator and executive coach. Fuelled by an infinite curiosity about the interconnectedness of nature, life and people, Jacky finds delight in exploring human consciousness - how personal belief systems and skills in effective Dialogue help shape behaviors, worldviews, and ability to transform from within. 


She has over a decade of experince working with individuals and groups around the world, effecting profound shifts towards agile and resilient leadership - comfortable with the new reality of disruption and constant change. 

Her facilitation style is appreciated as being energetic, interactive, emphatically tough, deep-diving, clear in feedback and reflections… profound in providing transformational learning insights and experiences. She does this by collectively creating value through high performance and engagement within the spirit of open-minded, courageous Dialogue techniques that transformationally connect with self, the environment, strategy and shared purpose.

Jacky currently resides in the countryside of the Netherlands close to the dunes and the North Sea. After having worked and lived in New York City and South Africa for a number of years, she considers herself to be a global citizen in heart and spirit.

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