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Mindfulness Enhances Life’s Colors

From the kitchen door I see the long expanse of freshly cut lawn bordered to north by a stone wall, it appears to have been erected hastily more of an afterthought than a well thought out plan. To the east across the deeply green lawn is a large grove of trees that hides a spring-fed pond long protected from development. It’s moments like this that refresh my mind

I often stand in this spot while waiting for the rye toast to finish its second toasting, I like it crunchy with lots of snap when I bite into it. Sometimes as I wait I’ll lean into the screen my nose stretching the nylon my eye lashes finding their way through the miniscule squares, the scene becomes totally different. Now the backyard is framed by dozens and dozens of gray squares each imparting shadows upon the yard while delicately obscuring the tiniest details.

It’s the tiniest details heaped upon the bold that gives so much texture and color to our lives, each captured in a moment and if we are lucky enough to be paying attention we may get to keep a part of this mindful moment in a memory tinged within experience.

Sharing her thoughts this morning In the Opinionator column  DIANE ACKERMAN  writes about being present in the world with her piece “Are We Living in Sensory Overload or Sensory Poverty?.” I loved when she wrote “Strip the brain of too much feedback from the senses and life not only feels poorer, but learning grows less reliable.“   and still feeling the tiny squares on my nose I smiled reading “Some days it feels like we’re drowning in a twittering bog of information.”

More than a statement her writing in this column asks us to experience the present reality and its ability to make everything so much more than a flat image on a random device. You can almost feel it when she imperceptibly shakes her head recalling seeing someone texting while walking in the park, missing out on the experience and the memories of everything surrounding her.

I invite you to reestablish your connection with the present moment, you just may delight in what you find.

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