Videos - On Action

Try taking a few moments between the watching of each video before moving onto the next one. And when you watch these videos there's really no need to take notes or to be concerned about remembering what you've heard, you'll remember.

As you watch each of these short videos about leadership allow yourself to focus your awareness on what Joseph is saying, much like you would if he was sitting across from you, unplugging from all the world's distractions.

1. What Is Generative Dialogue

"Two or more people thinking together to create something brand new"

2. What is act in an instant?

" When you've received a eureka moment act, or it will pass you by"

3. How do you create an act in an instant environment?

"When people are given freedom to act, magic happens"

4. Coincidence or Synchronicity?

"Two or more meaningful experiences occurring separate a synchronicity from a coincidence"

5. What is sensing and actualizing?

"Sensing is an inner knowing of what is about to happen"

6. Mindsets matter?

"How you see the world drives how you'll perform"

7. How do we avoid groupthink?

" Exposing your people to radical thinking sends a signal that you value extraordinary ideas"



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