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Try taking a few moments between the watching of each video before moving onto the next one. And when you watch these videos there's really no need to take notes or to be concerned about remembering what you've heard, you'll remember.

As you watch each of these short videos about leadership allow yourself to focus your awareness on what Joseph is saying, much like you would if he was sitting across from you, unplugging from all the world's distractions.

1. What's the importance of curiosity?

"Curiosity is the single most important quality a leader can have"

2. What's the biggest mistake you've made?

"Be aware when important moments show up"

3. Make a strategic plan reality?

"The biggest problem with strategic plans is that they end up on a shelf"

4. What is a strategy council?

"Have diversity on your strategy council"

5. What is setting the field?

"Having a conscious presence with your people sets the field"



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