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Portable Muse: Jumpstart Your Creativity

Maybe a book is your muse or maybe it’s a video or some snippet of music known only to you, it doesn’t matter what inspires you. Today the Portable Muse is a reality that is just a click away. How extraordinary to be sitting on a mountain top writing or drawing when you engage with a piece of content residing on your smart phone. Imagine adding a layer or layers to your experience like never before. Imagine combining multiple sources multiple muses into a vivid experience on your canvas as your hand moves with deft fluidity.

I stumbled upon a post at titled 7 Rituals You Should Steal from Extremely Creative People written by Marc and Angel. The post is filled with direction and ideas to grow your own creative side, and a couple of lines talking about what other creative people did to connect with their muse stood out.

“Maya Angelou only wrote in small hotel rooms.  Jack Kerouac made sure to touch the ground nine times before sitting down to write.  And many of the artistic clients we’ve worked with over the years have done everything from meditating, to singing, to running, to even doing two-hour long workouts immediately prior to working on their creative projects.  For example, take a look at our client Fay’s morning routine.  Here’s what she recently told us:”

“I begin every day with one simple ritual: I wake up at 6 a.m., put on workout clothes, walk outside my downtown San Francisco home, hail a taxi, and tell the driver to take me to my gym.  I workout for an hour and forty-five minutes, and then I take a leisurely fifteen-minute jog back home.  The important part of the ritual is not the training I do at the gym; what’s important is getting in that cab every morning and getting the day started in the right direction.  The rest just falls into place.  I get home feeling good and ready to work.”

To give you a jumpstart I’ve collected 12 video trailers below representing a diverse view into the creative process. Check out the ones that interest you and put one or two on to your phone or tablet for use down the road. A muse doesn’t always need to be a person or some connection to the universe, no it can be something situational it can be something small or even something birthed out of technology.


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I’d love to read your thoughts on what inspires you to connect deeply with your creativity, leave your thoughts below.

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