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Generon has developed an approach that uses everyday work practices to enhance both personal and organizational learning and development. We call this approach our “Nothing Extra” approach.

Generon uses its signature processes to develop individuals and teams through their daily work. Every-day work and developmental growth become seamless, integrated processes. Individuals and organizations grow through thoughtfully developed processes directly relevant to the real issues facing the firm. Generon facilitates this process by providing a growth-oriented framework for problem solving.

Building on and advancing from Robert Greenleaf’s work on Servant Leadership, we assist clients to become more mature and effective leaders, driven by a guiding philosophy which is based in purpose and values. At the same time, we help institutions become learning communities -- organizations capable of succeeding in a highly volatile business environment -- continually expanding their capacity to create truly desired results.

We begin our work with the Generative Interview process, which is designed to identify the opportunities existing in the system for Organizational Renewal™. Using this as a springboard, we help our clients to change from a controlling management style to a cooperative decision-making management style which often includes re-shaping the organizational culture through adopting a more comprehensive world-view; building new governance structures; and teaching practices for high performance thinking.

Through its various offerings – from keynotes to large-scale Organizational Renewal™ – Generon helps to shift the organization and its people towards what we term Stage IV Leadership.

The Advent of Stage IV Leadership {filelink=13}

For additional information, please download a copy of our brochure [forthcoming].

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