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Generative Strategy

"Complexity Is Accelerating

Every Moment

In This Business Environment"
Joseph Jaworski

The Practices
At the heart of a successful Generative Strategy are the Practices being implemented into the team's lifestyle. The deepening of your personal awareness leads to a new level of observing everything going on inside and outside of you. The Practices enable you to integrate your experiences into the strategy.

Joseph: “This may be the most important thing in the whole process. If you are not observing in an accurate, and in an acute way you are missing things, your strategy is not going to be robust enough. The very first thing in the U-Process is observe, observe, observe, and it's said three times, because it's that important, and the reason most of us can't do it is because we're distracted too much. We're experiencing every day the stresses of our environment with too many things coming at us. Too many people are knocking on the door, such rapid tsunamis of information we can't make sense out of it.  And there's no time to reflect, and no time to really think or observe. People need to be taught to observe, to hit the pause button. This is where the practices can give you a leg up in learning observation and in moving ahead of your competition.


Joseph: "The practices help you observe in a way that is most useful for Generative Strategy."

"The first practice that I think is hugely important is meditation. Now that's ubiquitous,  everybody's talking about meditation, but look, they're talking about it to relieve stress or to make us healthier.  I'm talking about meditation as a way to help you formulate strategy.

What happens when you meditate enough, and become a practitioner, it affects the next moment, and this is a key point. Meditation when done properly, and you're out in the world doing stuff your observation capacity is hugely increased. When you are in that zone, and you're out doing whatever you're doing, it affects the next moment. You can actually see something that other people cannot see. That's what I call increasing personal awareness.

So, you see stuff that other people don't see.  And like a good photographer, if you see something that somebody else doesn't see, you're gonna take a snapshot of that. And bring it back into the generative strategy circle.

If you don't see and you don't observe appropriately, then you might as well, I don't wanna be too harsh about it, but this is not going to be very effective.  You've got to see current reality and what exactly the headwinds are. One of the problems is, that people carry all of their prejudices and fears and worries into observing and it clouds the issue.  It clouds what you're saying. So meditation helps you calm down, and helps you see things clearly. Meditation increases your capacity to observe current reality."


Joseph: "Okay, the second practice is when things are not clear and you're full of either stress or anxiety, or you just can't figure things. Take a walk in nature, that's the second practice.  Some people may think I'm suggesting going out for five days in the wilderness, or taking a three-day solo. Well, that's not so, just a short walk can work. This is why I strongly feel firms should have gardens and walkways or locate nearby a park or nature trails. Businesses should encourage people to go out and take a walk for 5 to 15 minutes and clear their minds and hearts. Walking even for a short period gets your receptors tuned back in and you can observe and operate clearly again.

When you're trying to figure out what's the next step in the strategy or when you're feeling stuck get out and take a walk in nature. The act of walking in nature is like taking your camera lens and polishing it. You'll exclaim, oh I can see reality more clearly. Now I see.  What you're doing is what Thomas Edison and all those other inventors I wrote about did. When they hit the wall they would go out and take a walk. Or when Brian Arthur, the great economist hit the wall, he went out on the beach and took a walk. What I'm saying is simple, go out in the park or in the garden and take a walk."

Trust Your Instincts:

Joseph: "And then the third thing is,Trusting Your Instincts when they show up. One of the problems is in this domain when something shows up we don't trust our instincts because of the way we're being taught and educated in school and in college. But if you're operating in the world that we teach you learn to trust these voices that show up inside of you. They're little small voices normally covered over by being taught to think with a  linear mind.

You've got to be taught to listen and hear that little small voice. Whatever it is you want to call it, it's that small voice which is a deeper way of knowing. And you have to hear it. So first you cleanse the filters. And second you trust it and say, I'm going with this instead of all the rational stuff that I've been taught."

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