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Thinking About Leadership

Someone recently commented that the definition of Leadership is a murky place, I smiled as I thought about what she’d just said, and she’s right it is a murky place. Today there are thousands of coaches and agencies selling their expertise in Leadership and becoming a Leader, yet the field is more like a witch’s bubbling cauldron than a neatly defined set of steps one can follow to achieve success.


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It’s easy to get bogged down when thinking about leadership much like driving your car on a dirt road after a particularly hard rain storm. There may be as many theories about leadership as rain drops in that sudden rain storm, Keeping the two tips below in mind as you work to decide which theory of leadership will produce the best results for your organization will give you an edge over your competition.

1. Keep It Simple: Adopt a plan that spells things our simply and clearly, overly complicated models will often fail to be implemented fully.

2. Be Consistent:  Choose a path you can follow and implement across all areas of your business with consistency.

And here’s a short video explanation of some classic leadership theories.