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Transforming individuals, teams and organizations to enhance capacity toward extraordinary function and performance. 

We work with our clients to develop an individualized and unique process by eliminating barriers to transform and maximize outcomes. At the heart of increasing quality performance is the capacity for assessing tacit knowing, which can be used for breakthrough thinking, strategy formation, innovation, including envisioning and creating the kind of institutions or society we desire.


Our Clients:

While we have worked with all sizes of organizations and corporations from start-up to Fortune 500, we are strongly focused on working with small-to-medium size companies (10-5,000 people) as well as individuals to help them realize and actualize their potential.


We are an international consulting firm specializing in four distinct areas of practice:

  • Advanced decision making and strategy formation

  • Innovation

  • Enhanced human performance and operational excellence 

  • Fundamental institutional renewal

Coaching & Consulting Services:

  • The U-Process: The Capacity to Sense and Actualize Emerging Futures

  • The Leadership Circle ProfileTM  (LCP) - Active self awareness; inside out/outside in

  • TAP - Trusted Advisor Program

  • Dialogue - nurtures collective intention and intuitive alignment

  • Individual and Group Labinars (Customized Webinars & Video Labs)

Contact us so we can co-create our opportunity to work together.

Sea Grass

Results from an International Manufacturing Company: 

“Reduced scrap rate by 30% in one Division; reduced build time from 60 weeks to 36 weeks in another Division; and invented an important and patentable new product in a third Division. In addition, in the same 2-year span, this company's market capitalization increased by 55%.”

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