Top Leadership Blogs for 2015

With only a couple of days left before 2014 fades into the background I think creating a new resource for 2015 is in order. My choice is the Top Leadership Blogs of 2015 and I hope you find the list offers you a wealth of tips, ideas and can be a continuing resource for the new year.

Curating this list caught me a bit by surprise and I found myself pulled into a deep well of internet noise, the noise of course was produced by all the hype I had to swim through in order to find some quality blogs. Over and over I was told why I should signup for this or that before I would gain access to quality thoughts and ideas about leadership. In the end I put 10 blogs on the list that many of you probably have not seen or read before.


[listly  id=”XH4″ layout=”magazine” show_header=”true” show_author=”true” show_sharing=”true” show_tools=”false” per_page=”25″]


And lastly here’s a recent tweet I came across from the minds at FastCompany … The tweet captures something every leader would do well to ponder.



  1. from craig daniels ‏@organichat Top #Lea | MYAN on December 30, 2014 at 3:13 pm

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  2. James Scouller on May 1, 2015 at 5:55 am

    Hi… and thanks for this list, I’ll check them out. In return, you may find my own blog of use. I started it after my book, The Three Levels of Leadership, came out in 2011. The blog has had some favourable comments. Regards J

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