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Leon Jaworski brings a wealth of expertise to Generon International, where he serves dynamic roles in Business Development and creative support. In these capacities, Leon cultivates partnerships, fosters relationships, and supports go-to-market strategies, prioritizing seamless collaboration and authentic connections within the corporate realm.


Before joining Generon, Leon co-founded a successful music education startup, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen and reflecting his enduring passion for learning and knowledge. This journey underscores his deep understanding of the inherent link between education, knowledge, and business efficiency. Leon champions a consultative approach, tailoring solutions to meet individual client goals and emphasizing the transformative power of investing in personal and collective growth.


Simultaneously, within the Dialogue Creates approach, Leon is a creative force and Producer behind "More Than Talk," a compelling podcast exploring Dr. David Bohm's philosophy of Dialogue. This podcast, integral to Dialogue Creates' commitment to making Dialogue a way of being, offers a unique perspective on meaningful conversations.


Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Leon's multifaceted personality extends beyond his corporate role. A born creative, he serves as a musician and educator, bringing genuineness to his contributions at Generon International and Dialogue Creates, embodying the ethos of both entities.

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