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Culture is at the Core of our Values

Culture exists at the heart of our values, which is why if only given the chance to name one, it would be Culture. Generon seeks to embrace, as well as help others develop a culture with a beginners mind, one which consists of inclusion, integrity, courage, vulnerability and wholeness. 

Culture's Key Components:

All components (layers of the earth, locations) generate our culture (community). We cannot have it all without each component intersecting. Culture is at the center of each and every one of these principles.

What people have to say about culture:

Culture within a company can be likened to a diverse and satisfying seven-course meal. Just as individual preferences vary when it comes to food, not everyone will resonate with every aspect of the company culture. But, a well-rounded culture strives to offer something for everyone, serving diverse perspective, ensuring each team member finds something that aligns with their values.

D. Taylor, Boston, USA

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