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Hidde van der Pol has devoted much of his career focusing on challenging organizations and individuals to reconnect with their true selves to create clarity and higher consciousness in their personal and professional lives. His purpose is to replace outdated ways of thinking with a purpose driven, enlightened approach to everyday behaviors and long-term goals. His compassionate attitude combined with his encouragement of critical thinking leaves his clients prepared and inspired to take control of their destiny to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. His facilitations and guidance help clients to unwrap the gift of judgments and negativity and transform them into authentic power and creativity.

Hidde is a certified facilitator at the Foundation for Natural Leadership; he also holds certifications and expertise in Cultural Transition Tools (Richard Barrett Values Centre); Systemic Dynamics in Organizations (Bert Hellinger Institute) and Extra Communicative Skills and Energy Reading (van Benthem Institute). Hidde is also an ICF certified executive coach by the MMS Worldwide Institute. 

Hidde has two sons, Boet & Sem and resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, running and spending time in Nature.

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